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Playing Witcher 3 in Chinese on PlayStation 5 from a non Chinese speaking country

I was super pumped to hear the Witcher 3 next gen update annouced a few weeks ago, particularly the Chinese voice-over.  From what I read it means 

  • The game has been fully translated to Chinese, including all the conversation and content. This mean the context is much more easy to read for native Chinese speaking population
  • The character of the game is speaking Chinese.  This would bring the experience of the game to a whole new level.

Unfortuntatley, due to Sony’s decision of seperating users by geogrpahic region, Chinese language isn’t made available in counties do not using it as a official language.  This is such a shameless policy which I am not going to spend words to complained about.  After spending hours research online with no luck, I’d like to take it to my own hand, and write this short blog to share with you how I made it work. 

The total cost of this solution is HK$233.4 (40% off of regular price)- which is about ~$50 CAD in my local currency.  You might also need an Alipay account to process the payment.

Step by step guide

  • Sign up a new PlayStation Network account in PSN Hongkong: 
  • Purchase the game in PSN Hong Kong.  
  • Payment:
    • if you have an existing Alipay account, choose Alipay method.
    • If not – you can try Paypal (didn’t work for me unfortunatley),  or purchase PSN gift card from a third party site like play-asia
    • The credit card method is unlikely to work because it will verify the address in Hong Kong.
  • Login to playstaion console using the new PSN Hong Kong ID
    • Download the newly purchased game (it should be downloading automatically) 
    • Verify the game version by choose “manage game content” – it should have Chinese listed there
    • Fortunately, you can using the cross-save feature to sync your save from other regions. You can simply just click “manage reward” feature on the main menu